The Whole Family Foster Care program is an extension our Therapeutic Foster Care program.  Whole Family Homes are for pregnant and parenting foster youth and their infant/child.  The goal of the program is to assist the minor parent in developing the skills necessary to provide a safe, stable, and permanent home for his/her infant (child).   ​

A Whole Family Foster Parent (WFFP) is both a caregiver and a mentor to the parenting adolescent.  The Foster Parent also shares in the child rearing responsibilities of the adolescent's infant/child based on an individualized Shared Responsibility Plan.  The Shared Responsibility Plan is developed between the foster parents, the adolescent, agency and county representatives.   The purpose of the plan is to create a successful, supportive and nurturing placement for both the teen and the their child, to encourage the parent-child bond, and to assist the teen parent in their transition to independence. With the increased support and education provided through this specialized placement, the children of foster youth are less likely to become foster children themselves.

The first step to becoming a WFFP is to begin completing the Therapeutic Foster Care certification requirements.  The next step is to sign up to attend Whole Family Foster Home training class which are held at local community colleges.

It is important to note that Certified Foster Parents can foster teens and their infant/child without obtaining the additional Whole Family certification.  However, since Whole Family Homes are considered "Best Practice" for pregnant and parenting teens, there are two main benefits to obtaining this additional certification:

1. Comprehensive training about this specific client population, including information and resources to help the foster parents provide the best care possible to pregnant/parenting teens.

2. Priority placement consideration when a home is needed for a pregnant/parenting teen. 

Also, due to the higher level of training and the unique role of WFFPs, an additional $200 a month is added to the monthly reimbursement rate provided to Therapeutic Foster Parents.  This is in addition to the $410 monthly stipend which the teen uses to provide for the needs of their infant/child.

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Whole Family Foster Care Program
Whole Family Foster Home Training (15 Hours)

In the Whole Family Foster Home Training, "We will discuss the role of child development across the spectrum of birth-adolescence as we open our thinking to encompass what research tells us is "best practice" for raising secure safe and nurtured infants and apply that information to teen parents in out-of-home placements. This class will also include information on the shared responsibility plan, pregnancy -labor and delivery, attachment and the care of the newborn, legal issues, safety issues and resources to help the teen parent as well as the foster parent."