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A subsidiary of MU'EED Inc.
Our Children’s Keeper Child & Family Services  is a subsidiary  of MU’EED, Incorporated. MU’EED Inc. is a non-profit 501(c) (3) public benefit corporation. The corporation was established in May 1993  to promote humanity on an individual, family, and community level. Our mission is to be vanguards in the process of preserving, promoting, and restoring humanity. Our vision is an expanding cycle of support, empowerment, and a collective sense of humanity.
Since 1993, MU'EED Inc. has worked continuously to further our mission by providing various programs and services to the community.   Our focus has been to raise awareness of needs in our communities and encourage community involvement to fill those needs. By 2001, MU’EED’s community involvement included the facilitation of a 12-step substance abuse program, managing a food closet and food distribution site for disenfranchised families, and facilitating support groups for previously incarcerated mothers seeking to re-establish positive bonds with their children. Working with women who had been separated from their children due to incarceration highlighted the complex needs of children in out of home care. Therefore, in 2002, the corporation established Our Children’s Keeper Foster Family Agency to address the needs of children in out of home care. 

In 2002, Our Children’s Keeper Foster Family Agency began providing foster homes for children who have been removed from their families and placed in protective custody. The agency recruits, screens, and trains potential foster parents. We then provide support and oversight to the foster families once they are certified and foster children are placed in their home.  We also recruit and train volunteers to work with foster children and birth families in our mentoring program.  

In 2010, Our Children’s Keeper Foster Family Agency  formally became known as Our Children's Keeper Child & Family Services; a name which better reflects the various programs and services we provide to the community.  Our agency continues to work to raise awareness of the needs of foster youth and to promote safer stronger families and communities. 

Upon request, the latest three years of our tax Form 990, is made available for public inspection.