Our Children’s Keeper Child & Family Services provides foster homes for children who have been placed in protective custody through Child Protective Services. Our primary program is the Therapeutic Foster Care Program, which serves children and youth ages birth to 18 years.  This program also has two sub components known as:        
     • Whole Family Foster Care (Pregnant/Parenting Teens)
     • Non Minor Dependent Foster Care (18-21 years of age)

We also provide Intensive Treatment Foster Care (ITFC)   which is a specialized program for children with particularly challenging needs who require more intense services.  

Our Children’s Keeper recruits, screens, and trains potential foster parents. Once foster parents have completed all the certification requirements, we then provide support and oversight to the families and foster children placed in their home. 

Many foster children enter the system with one or more siblings. Therefore, the agency works diligently to recruit families that can accommodate sibling sets of various sizes and age ranges. The agency also works to promote awareness of the needs of foster youth ages 13 years and older. Although highly vulnerable and in desperate need of guidance and support, this population is often overlooked by perspective foster parents.  

Who Can be a Therapeutic Foster Parent?: 

Basic Eligibility Criteria

1. Be 21 years of age or older*
2. Have a safe, well maintained home environment
3. Have room in your home 
4. Have time in your daily life to parent a child.
5. Have a sincere desire to make a difference in a 
    child's life.

​ *25 years or older for Non-Minor Dependents

Steps to Certification

1. Complete a screening application
2. Attend an Orientation
3. Complete Pre-Approval Training
4. Complete a Pre-Approval Application packet
5. Pass Background Check
6. Participate in Home Study Assessment & Interview
7. Complete approved CPR/1st Aid course
8. Have a health screening.
9. Have home inspected for regulatory requirements


Foster parents are provided a monthly stipend for purpose of caring for and meeting the needs of their foster children. Some of the needs include, but are not limited to, food, clothing, shelter, daycare (if needed), and extra curricular activities. The payments are based upon the age of the child and are as follows:

           Level of Care         Monthly Compensation*
             LOC 1                         $1000
             LOC 2                         $1112
             LOC 3                         $1225
             LOC 4                         $1337

Foster Parents with Whole Family certification receive an additional $200 a month for the teen parent, as well as $410 for the teen to spend on infant specific expenses. 

Compensation for children placed in the Intensive Treatment Foster Care( ITFC program) is $2609/month regardless of age.  

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Therapeutic Foster Care Program
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