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A subsidiary of MU'EED Inc.
Our Children's Keeper Child & Family Services represents a group of child-centered community programs in Northern California. The primary purpose of these programs is to preserve, restore, and strengthen children and families and thus communities.
Gender-Specific Day Camp
Our summer day camps are designed to provide youth with a fun, yet educational summer experience. The programs are separated by  gender in order to allow  for a safe and secure environment to discuss and explore concepts that are unique to the specific genders.   In general, the  programs are geared to help youth  to embrace their uniqueness, enhance  their judgment and critical-thinking skills, and encourage wise and healthy choices.  Our day camp for girls is Girl Power and our day camp for boys is "Born Leaders".

Therapeutic Foster Care
The purpose of the  Therapeutic Foster Care program is provide safe nurturing foster homes for children in the child welfare system.  The majority of children placed in out of home care are placed in therapeutic foster homes.  These children are typically struggling with the shock of being separated from their families, as well as trying to cope with any trauma (i.e. neglect, abuse) that may have led to their removal.  

Intensive Treatment Foster Care (ITFC)
The ITFC  program is designed to meet the needs of children who have considerable difficulty adjusting to a therapeutic foster home placement.  ITFC foster parents have knowledge of and experience with children displaying especially challenging emotional and/or behavioral issues. 

After School Program 
Designing for a Difference is an after school program for adolescent girls.  The program combines the excitement and fun of fashion design with education and experiences that promotes self empowerment. Click for more information.

Mentoring Program
The mentoring program is designed to provide one-on-one support to foster children and birth parents as they navigate through the foster care system. Click for more information

Foster-Adopt Program
This program is for certified foster parents whose foster children are unable to return to their birth families. We assist in converting the home from foster to adopt.